The act of pleading for, supporting or recommending; active support.

Are you an oral health advocate?

Have you ever:

  • Encouraged a patient to do something to improve their oral health?
  • Told a friend or family member about why having access to oral health care is important for everyone?
  • Posted an article relating to oral health on your Facebook page?
  • Written an email to an elected official?
  • Spoken to a group, like a local rotary, about oral health or safety-net services?

NNOHA envisions a future in which everyone knows the importance of oral health and has access to care, but we cannot do that without you. You are the trusted expert in your community, and we are here to support you so you can both be a great practitioner and a great oral health advocate.

Advocacy Tips and Tools

These resources cover the basics of advocacy including what non-profit and Community Health Center staff can engage in and basic tips for being an effective advocate.

Workforce Innovation for Access

This page provides resources on innovations in the way the workforce is being used to address access to care barriers.

Dental Sealants: Access to Prevention

This page contains information useful in advocating for school based sealant programs, including research resources documenting their effectiveness.

Community Water Fluoridation

These resources are provided to assist safety-net oral health providers in advancing one of the ten great Public Health Achievements of the 20th Century as identified by the CDC.

Data and Information for Advocacy

These resources provide information that is beneficial when communicating with elected officials about the state of oral health in the United States and the importance of addressing it.


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