Community Water Fluoridation

Community water fluoridation, the adjustment of a naturally occurring mineral to a level demonstrated to have the greatest benefit, was named as one of the top ten health achievements of the 20th Century. Water fluoridation is the only oral health intervention that benefits everyone regardless of age or income level.

NNOHA fully supports the continued expansion of access to optimally fluoridated water.

72.4% of Americans have access to optimally fluoridated water, but technology has changed the way that people get their information, including about water fluoridation. False information about water fluoridation abounds on the internet. Safety-net oral health providers play an important role in helping patients understand the importance and safety of this public health measure. We encourage NNOHA members and their clinics to educate patients and elected officials about the importance of community water fluoridation.


Community Water Fluoridation 101: What it is, how it works and why you should care


The internet has revolutionized the way people get information, and with that has come increased questioning of solid public health practices like vaccinations and water fluoridation. This webinar covers the basics of community water fluoridation, including its history and scientific evidence supporting the practice, to help NNOHA members feel more comfortable engaging patients and community members in conversations about this public health measure. This webinar is ideal for practitioners and advocates who want a deeper understanding of how fluoride works to strengthen teeth and why water fluoridation is an efficient and effective public health intervention for the United States.


I Like My – The Campaign for Dental Health


The Campaign for Dental Health’s website, maintained by the American Academy of Pediatric. Resources range from basic information on how fluoride works, myths and facts of fluoride, and what Surgeon Generals have said about fluoride, to member resources such as The Science of Fluoride booklet and the ability to create localized sites. Membership is free.


Center for Disease Control


Resources include basic fact sheets to information on guidelines, safety, and data and statistics.


Pulitzer Prize Winning articles on Fluoridation


In 2012 two journalists won the Pulitzer Prize for their articles addressing the myths and facts of fluoride during a 2012 campaign. The articles address tactics and myths used by opponents.



NNOHA can provide assistance in local fluoridation efforts by providing expert contacts, information and support.

Contact if:

  • You or your patients have questions about water¬†fluoridation,
  • Your community is trying to fluoridate the community’s water supply, or
  • Your community is facing an attempt to remove fluoride from the water.

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