NEW! Call for Team Applications for Oral Health Improvement Collaborative

NEW! Call for Team Applications for Oral Health Improvement Collaborative


NNOHA is excited to announce a new opportunity for community health centers to implement a mini-dashboard of oral health metrics. This call for applications seeks to recruit 50 teams to engage in a 9-month Oral Health Improvement Collaborative. This Collaborative will incorporate our learnings from previous Collaboratives and focus on a condensed set of measures with a primary focus on sealants and supporting measures. Past Collaborative participants have utilized these methods to help improve their HRSA UDS Sealant rates.

The aim of the NNOHA Oral Health Improvement Collaborative is to engage health centers in conducting quality improvement in dental programs. Health centers will provide patient-centered and evidence-based oral health care. We will use quality improvement methods to improve the oral health of health center patients under 21 years old. Participating health centers will:

o Engage patients and families by utilizing self-management goal setting;

o Enhance risk-based care;

o Improve sealant rates;

o Report and monitor caries at recall visits; and

o Maintain or improve operational performance.

Benefits to participating in the Collaborative are (1) training and support in implementing quality improvement in your health center dental program (2) development of a mini-dashboard of oral health metrics for your health center (3) application of patient-centered and evidence-based care supported by national experts in oral health quality improvement.

Please click here for the application and more information

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