Interview with Author Mary Otto

Interview with Author Mary Otto


“In 2007, when I was working as a reporter for the Washington Post, I found myself standing by the hospital bedside of Deamonte Driver, a Maryland schoolboy who was dying of complications from untreated tooth decay.

 Doctors said that bacteria from an abscessed tooth had spread to his brain. At the time Deamonte had gotten sick, his mother had been searching for a dentist to see his younger brother who was complaining about dental pain. But they were Medicaid children. And Medicaid dentists were very hard to find.


 The story of the death of Deamonte Driver, a few miles from the United States Capitol, helped inspire Congressional hearings and state and national efforts to address the shortage of care for millions of poor children across the country. I covered the unfolding events. There seemed to be so much to learn and to say about dental care — or the lack of it — in America. I kept writing.”
Mary Otto


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