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From the expansion of access to fluoridated water to a changing workforce’s impact on access to care, policy plays an important role in meeting the oral health needs of our country. As oral health professionals working in public health settings and providing care to under-served populations, NNOHA’s members provided a unique and necessary perspective essential to policy development.

In partnership with Pew Children’s Dental Campaign, NNOHA is working to represent the voice of our membership at the national level and engage our members in advocacy at the local level. The primary focuses of this partnership are the issues of community water fluoridation, workforce needs for the future, and the accessibility of dental sealants in school based programs.

All politics is local, and that is especially true for the issues on which NNOHA is working. Learn more about the issues NNOHA is working on and how you can get involved through our Advocacy Resources page and through our Membership & Advocacy Committee.


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