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Past Webinars:

Medical-Dental-Behavioral Integration: One Health Center’s Example 7/25/16

The integration of multiple health care disciplines into a Patient Centered Health Home can sometimes seem like the Holy Grail – everyone has heard of it but have we actually seen it? This presentation traced the journey of one early adopter organization, Health Partners of Western Ohio (HPWO), as they integrated behavioral health, oral health and primary care with each other. Learn what characteristics of health centers with successful integration were present at HPWO, and how these characteristics facilitated integration. The goal of this webinar is to understand some of the challenges that HPWO has encountered, how HPWO has developed system solutions to support integration, how the clinical visit is structured to incorporate interdisciplinary practice and how patients have benefited from this care model. The HPWO model contains ideas health centers can use to improve patient care.


Workforce Innovation to Increase Access to Dental Care Webinar 4/14/16

As part of a continuing series of webinars featuring strategies for increasing access to dental care in HRSA health center grantees, the National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA) will hosted a presentation on workforce innovation. This session described two types of newly developed dental team members: Community Dental Health Coordinators (CDHC) and Dental Therapists/Advanced Dental Therapists (DT/ADT) and how these dental team members are utilized in health centers.


HRSA UDS Sealant Measure Webinar

This webinar will review the evidence base to explain why this measure was selected and the myths that prevent wider utilizations of sealants, look at the best current understanding of how to calculate this measure using EDRs and other databases at the health center level, and briefly introduce quality improvement strategies for implementing the measure and increasing the percentage of children sealed over time.

It’s All in the Numbers; Planning and Financing for Your Dental Expansion 1/8/16

The session will cover the operational planning elements that will need to be considered when forecasting a dental expansion and possible sources of capital financing. Presenters will walk through a model that will project financial results on a stand-alone basis for a dental clinic based on the number of planned operatories, provider productivity, payer mix, and reimbursement rates / systems, etc. – variations in any one of which can have a significant impact on the feasibility of the project. A list of possible funding sources for a CHC dental project will also be reviewed and the pros and cons of using each as well as suggestions for next steps.




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