Clinical Excellence

Overall health includes oral health.

Oral health is an integral part of overall health. As such, delivery of oral health care must be integrated into a broader health care delivery with a focus on prevention. Since safety-net oral health programs provide services to underserved populations with a heavy burden of disease, it is important that they provide quality, evidence-based care.


Quality Improvement

NNOHA supports your programs in your journey to deliver quality care that leads to positive patient outcomes.

Integrated Care

A Patient-Centered Health Home is created when all health care team members work together for improved health, enhanced patient experience, and control the cost of care. This is a new approach to dentistry, and these resources will help you make the shift.


Safety-net programs across the nation prevent dental diseases through prevention methods including fluoride, sealants and caries management. Access resources to expand your clinic’s prevention focus.

Risk Management

Providers trained in risk management protect both themselves and patients from negative consequences.


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