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NNOHA partnered with Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, Washington Dental Service Foundation, and AFL Enterprises, LLC to create a Dental Dashboard and User’s Guide. These tools are for individual Community Health Centers to use as a part of their quality improvement efforts, to more effectively monitor and measure quality, and drive performance within their dental programs. Nine health center dental programs have tested the dashboard and were involved in developing the User’s guide.
The Dental Dashboard is an interactive resource that allows users to monitor a set of measures through an online data collection tool and a chart presentation tool.
First, users enter their data into the online data collection tool and download the data into a formatted excel sheet. Next, users import the downloaded data into the chart presentation tool and can easily view graphs of their selected measures.

Why Use A Dashboard? 

Dashboards give a quick status update for key measures and allow Health Center leadership to monitor factors that affect quality and drive performance. Regularly seeing the data for an organization makes it much easier to respond quickly to areas of concern, or to change courses of action.

Dental Dashboard Measures

The Dental Dashboard consists of 15 measures that are organized into three categories:

CHC Population Health 

3. Oral Evaluation and/or Risk Assessment of all Primary Care Patients
7. Self-Management Goal Setting 
8. Self-Management Goal Review
9. Treatment Plan Completion

Fiscal and Operational Sustainability

10. Recall Rates
12. Charges (Production) Per Encounter
13. Encounters Per Hour
14. Direct Cost Per Visit

Patient Satisfaction

15. Recommendation to Family and Friends

Click here for helpful resources on these measures.


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