NNOHA Listserv

Instructions for Using Listserv

Information for using Listserv can be found HERE.

First Time User: Once you’ve signed up under the NNOHA Listserv, you will need to create an account on the Listserv site: http://lists.nnoha.org/lists. If you haven’t logged in before or don’t know your password, click New Login // Password Reset (upper left corner). Once logged in, you’ll be able to access the email lists to which you’re subscribed.

Log In


To access your group, select the correct one from the left side of the page:

Select Group



The group landing page will look like this:

Group Landing page no circle



Here you will be able to: view the archives, post messages to this group, view the calendar, specify preferences for RSS channel, and view the shared documents.

Group Landing page



To post a message, select ‘Post Message’. In new page, enter in the subject and body to be posted. You may send a test post to yourself prior to posting a message for the entire group. Once you are ready, click ‘Send’ on the right of your message and it will be distributed to the list.


submitting a post






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