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Central Virginia Health Services, Inc.


January 19, 2023



Job Title: Dentist        

Site/Department: Dental Department

Classification: Exempt   

Supervised by:  Dental Director

PURPOSE: To provide comprehensive, emergency, and routine dental services to the patients of Central Virginia Health Services.


Assumes responsibility for clinical dental services as outlined in CVHS's Dental Department Principles of Practice and according to current protocols governing the delivery of dental care at CVHS.

Provides visual and tactile examination of the patients' teeth and surrounding oral structures, utilizing X­ rays, dental equipment, and other diagnostic procedures.

Enters findings on dental chart and in patient's medical record.

Decides upon and carries to completion the most feasible plan of treatment. Diagnoses and restores cavities in teeth.

Makes impressions and models of jaw and mouth in the preparation of dentures, and/or removal of partial appliances.

Treats diseases surrounding the oral cavity including the teeth and gums, with preventive therapy, appropriate drugs and/or by surgery.

Advises patients of proper oral hygiene.

Advises the Director of Medical/Dental Services on: technical aspects of dental care, evaluation of ancillary employees, dental care protocol and goals, and dental department operating procedures.

Assists the Director of Medical/Dental Services with assigned administrative and community education tasks.

Attends work as scheduled. Performs related duties as assigned.


May come into contact with human blood and other potentially infectious materials. Individuals in this position are required to exercise standard precautions, use personal protective equipment and devices, and learn the policies concerning infection control. Employee will be expected to participate in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis screening annually. Employee will either receive Hepatitis B vaccine, if needed, or sign a declination statement.


Demonstrates competence in essential job functions. Respectful of patients right to confidentiality.

Interested in rural health care delivery.

Able to assume an appropriate role within an organizational structure. Pleasant and personable.

Commitment to rural living.

Ability to generate great teamwork among staff.


Graduate of an accredited U.S. Dental School

Licensed to practice dentistry in the State of Virginia


Mission Ownership—Demonstrates understanding and support of the mission, vision, values, and beliefs of Central Virginia Health Services, Inc. (CVHS).

Interpersonal Skills--To be a Leader who demonstrates the skills of active listening and openly accepts criticism. Productively engages and resolves interpersonal conflict. Holds others accountable and engages people positively. Demonstrates an ability to negotiate goals and strategies as a staff member working with other staff, vendors and the public. Maintain discretion and confidentiality, upholding public loyalty to fellow staff and the mission of CVHS.

Organizational Skills—Organizes tasks in a professional, timely manner and maintains a neat and professional work area. Takes personal ownership of all site properties and endeavors to keep them neat and professional. Keeps office/practice manager and Supervisor informed of schedule issues which create workflow issues.


Reports to Dental Director


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Bending at the waist: frequently 

Carrying(wt range<20>20): occassionally

Climbing: occassionally 

Crouching/Squatting: frequently 

Feeling: frequently 

Fine Motor-finger: frequently 

Handling-gross motor: frequently 

Hearing: continuously 

Kneeling: occassionally 

Lifting(wt range <20>20): frequently

Pulling: occassionally 

Pushing: occassionally 

Reaching: frequently 

Sitting: frequently 

Standing: frequently 

Stooping: occassionally 

Talking: continuously 

Vision, Color: occassionally 

Vision, depth perception: occassionally 

Vision, near or farsighted: continuously 

Walking: frequently 

Noise: continulously 

Toxic Chemicals: occassionally 

Fumes/odors/gases: occassionally 

Video Display Term: occassionally 


Desired Start Date

FT Dentist

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