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NNOHA is the largest group of safety-net oral health practitioners in the country, and our members all share a commitment to increasing access to quality oral health care for underserved populations. NNOHA is committed to providing the highest quality resources and support designed to meet the unique needs of our members and their programs.

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Peak Vista Community Health Centers


October 3, 2022


Colorado Springs

Job Description & Qualifications:


  • To uphold Peak Vista Community Health Center’s mission to provide exceptional healthcare to people facing access barriers by providing the highest level of dental practice.

  • To provide high quality dental care that is culturally appropriate and prevention focused. Serves as a leader on the dental team contributing to the smooth, efficient, operation of the team, the Site and the Organization.


Education / Experience:
Graduation from an approved School of Dental Hygiene.
Possession of a current Colorado license as a registered dental hygienist.
Certification to administer local anesthesia.

Job Duties


Maintain own dental hygienist practice as defined by Peak Vista guidelines.
Screening and evaluating patients in regard to caries risk, periodontal pathology, medical history.
Providing clinical services, including selecting, exposing, and processing of digital radiographs, prophylaxes, supra and sub gingival scaling and curettage, root planning, procedures involving team periodontal surgical techniques, according to Peak Vista guidelines.
Providing preventative clinical and educational services, including instruction of proper oral hygiene home care techniques, tooth brushing, flossing, nutrition, need for professional care, and topical fluorides.
Administration of local anesthetics and gross debridement in treatment of acute periodontal conditions.
Performance of expanded duties where qualified, as delegated by dentist and governed by Colorado law

Hygiene in Peds
Primarily responsible for the initiation and maintenance of the dental prevention and dental education program in an integrated medical setting, working with both medical and dental team members for coordination.
Accurately and appropriately assess caries risk, application of fluoride treatments, and dissemination of oral health education to parents and children in the medical setting in one-on-one visits or in group visits. Identification of and assistance in patient establishment of a dental home.
Travel between medical and dental clinic sites may be required.
Maximize community linkages while acting as advocate for patients.

Exhibits positive leadership skills, actively striving to improve patient and staff experience of Peak Vista, as well as strong communication skills.
Effective use of the electronic dental record (EDR), registries, dental radiology, and templates.
Work in coordination with dentists, other dental team members, and medical team members to effectively manage patient care and develop clinical guidelines within scope of dental hygiene practice.

How to apply: Please go to the following website to apply: Current Openings - Peak Vista Community Health Centers (


Desired Start Date

Registered Dental Hygienist - International Circle

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