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NNOHA is the largest group of safety-net oral health practitioners in the country, and our members all share a commitment to increasing access to quality oral health care for underserved populations. NNOHA is committed to providing the highest quality resources and support designed to meet the unique needs of our members and their programs.

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Blue Ridge Health Center, Inc. (dba: Blue Ridge Medical Center)


October 14, 2022



Job Summary:

The Staff Dentist is responsible for the provision of oral health services to patients at the BRMC Dental Center.  The Staff Dentist works cooperatively and effectively with the Dental Director to assure a smooth and efficiently run center.

Essential Duties:

a)  Provide routine and emergency dental services, including diagnosis and treatment plans, general restorative procedures, crown and bridge construction, removable prosthetics, uncomplicated endodontics and minor oral surgery.

b)  Initiate and interpret x-ray and lab studies.

c)  Administer and prescribe anesthetics and medications.

d)  Refer patients for specialty care to other clinic programs our outside agencies as appropriate.

e)  Work cooperatively with Dental Assistant and other dental support staff.

f)  Conduct follow-up patient care.

g)  Provide dental and oral health education to patients and families.

h)  Collaborate with dental director to maximize clinic productivity and scheduling procedures, and toward establishing guidelines for care and treatment.

i)  Teach and train patients and staff on illness prevention.

j)  Actively participate in community dental programs.

k)  Assist with in-service and on-going training of clinic staff.

l)  Build relationships and foster a high level of customer service.

m)  Manage difficult clients and patients, demonstrating interpersonal savvy and influence skills.

n)  Exercise professional judgment in the performance of services provided consistent with the organization’s policies and the standards of the dental profession.

o)  Demonstrate high degree of knowledge and competency in the practice of dentistry and associated charting requirements.

p)  Perform assigned dental tasks using high level of skills and ability.

q)  Utilize computers for data entry and information retrieval with proficiency.

r)  Utilize and monitor effectiveness and efficiency of all equipment and supplies used in the delivery of services.

s)  Communicate frequently with others in verbal and written communication format.

t)  Collaborate and coordinate patient care with Blue Ridge Medical Center physicians and nurse practitioners.

u)  Other duties as assigned by the dental director.


Education/Experience/Licensure:  The Staff Dentist must be a dentist, licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The Staff Dentist should have a strong community health/public health orientation and be experienced in patient care management.

Other  This position requires strict adherence to organizational policies regarding confidentiality, understanding that all matters related to patient business, and the business of the organization, are confidential.  This employee must comply with organizational policies regarding conflict of interest.

Working Conditions:

1.  At times work in excess of 40 hrs/ week to meet the center’s needs and accomplish the duties of this position.

2.  Comply with and set example of compliance with BRMC’s policies/procedures/practices; comply with legal requirements for non-profit organizations.

3.  Perform and complete duties under stress and demands from different sources, and meeting strict deadlines.

4.  Tolerate prolonged computer related exposure.  Able to sit or stand at a workstation for long periods of time.

5.  May be exposed to hostile or emotional clients, family members, and staff, as well as disturbing or sensitive information

6.  May be exposed to infectious diseases and medical waste.


Desired Start Date

Dentist – Full or Part Time

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