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NNOHA is the largest group of safety-net oral health practitioners in the country, and our members all share a commitment to increasing access to quality oral health care for underserved populations. NNOHA is committed to providing the highest quality resources and support designed to meet the unique needs of our members and their programs.

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Chicago Family Health Center


February 14, 2023



Position Summary

Responsible for direct provision of teeth cleaning, periodontal services, oral hygiene and appropriate preventive services to dental patients of the center. The Registered Dental Hygienist will also be responsible for educating individuals and groups on proper oral health prevention and maintenance.

Essential Functions

  • Practices and maintains proper infectious disease prevention procedures, including cleaning and sterilization of dental instruments and disinfection of dental equipment.

  • Provides oral health education and appropriate individual counseling for all dental patients in home care with proper brushing and flossing techniques either in the mouth or using dental models.

  • Provides dental services including taking dental x-rays (panoramic, bitewings, complete series), teeth cleaning, scaling and root planning (using instruments manually, rotary equipment for polishing and ultrasonic equipment), sealant application and fluoride application consistent with accepted professional practices and standards and in compliance with the center’s clinical protocols.

  • Organizes and performs preventive oral health presentations at on-site and off-site locations.

  • Assists in the provision of health education in the community as requested.

  • Participates in the QI program of the Dental Department as requested.

  • Performs procedures as delegated and directed by a dentist in accordance with Dental Department protocol and directives.

  • Comply with Dental Department directives and policies as well as center policies and procedures relative to infection control, exposure control and safety issues.

  • Receives and places necessary telephone calls consistent with professional matters, clinic business and patient care of the Dental Department.

  • Insures the proper disposal of all contaminated or potentially contaminated materials in accordance with Dental Department directive and center policies as well as state and federal regulations(s).

  • Complies with the center’s Exposure Control Plan.

  • Performs duties at different sites depending on operational needs.

  • When directed by Dental Director, supervising dentist, Manager/Supervisor, performs related and/or necessary tasks to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Compliance with all applicable federal, state, local and center rules, regulations, protocols and procedures governing the practice of dental hygiene and the clinical provision of dental hygiene services as well as those relating to, but not limited to, personnel issues, workplace safety, public health and confidentiality.

Education, Experience and Skills 

  • Graduation from an accredited school of dental hygiene.

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective professional relationships with other healthcare providers.

  • Ability to be clinically fluent in Spanish preferred.

  • Excellent interpersonal and written communications skills required.

  •  Ability to maintain appropriate clinical privileges required.

 Licensure and Credentials

            1. Unrestricted license to practice Dental Hygiene in the State of Illinois.

           2. Current CPR (BLS) certification.


Desired Start Date

Dental Hygienist

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