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NNOHA is the largest group of safety-net oral health practitioners in the country, and our members all share a commitment to increasing access to quality oral health care for underserved populations. NNOHA is committed to providing the highest quality resources and support designed to meet the unique needs of our members and their programs.

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Kintegra Health


July 31, 2023


Gastonia, Shelby, Hickory, Asheboro


A General Dentist must be able to perform all the minimum qualifications of the General Dentist job descriptions.  The role of the Dentist is an exempt position responsible for performing a variety of duties related to dental patient care directed by dental director.   Responsible for providing primary dental care to patients; diagnosing patient problems on the basis of history, physical examination, interpretation of x-rays, and the assessment of socio-economic and cultural influences while also being responsible for providing a general climate of cooperation and understanding.


•    Health Insurance

•    Dental Benefits

•    403B Retirement Plan

•    403B Retirement Matching

•    Paid Time Off

•    Holiday Pay

•    Long Term Disability 

•    Life Insurance 

•    Optional Benefits

•    Employee Assistance Program

•    Flexible Spending Accounts

•    Continuing Education Funds and PTO

•    Career Development and Leadership Opportunities

General Dentist Minimum Qualifications:  Ability to read, write and understand the English language. Communicate effectively. Interacts in a friendly, professional manner with a wide range of patients, operations staff, physicians and other departments in a friendly, professional manner. Knowledge of dental office protocols/procedures. Ability to work well under pressure is essential. Ability to communicate and work effectively with the other physicians and peers. Ability to learn and retain information regarding patient care procedures. Familiarity with basic computer operations, EDR software. Ability to work successfully with minimum supervision. Must be able to work seated for several hours at a time to provide clinical services to patients. Frequent movement within the office handling patient flow. Ability to maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance. 

Experience: Minimum 3 years’ experience in public health setting

Education: Appropriate degree from an accredited dental school

Licensure: Current North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners license; current DEA license

Certifications: BLS/OSHA/HIPAA


 General Dentist Key Responsibilities 

•Diagnose and treat patients to achieve excellent results within estimated treatment time with maximum concern for patient comfort and respect

•Deliver the highest quality care to patients

•Properly handle dental records

•Compliance with all OSHA regulations

•Be an active participant in staff meetings

•Be a positive influence to aid in attracting new patients and retaining patients of record

•Resolve personnel issues within office with the help of the personnel involved

•Help to supervise, train and nurture support staff members

•Remain current with professional literature and standards of care

•Represent Kintegra Health Dental Clinic to the community at large


Kintegra Health Core Requirements

1. Patient First – An approach to care that holds primary, the well-being and desires of the patient

2. Build not Blame – Focusing first on finding fault with the process rather than the person

3. Integrity and Honesty – Fostering an acceptance of openness, honesty, and fairness in words, deeds and the use of organizational resources  judiciously for both internal and external customers

4. Cooperation and Flexibility – Related to an internal believe that we function as part of an interdependent team with only shared gains or losses thereby committed to assisting whenever possible beyond the prerequisite job description

5. Culturally Sensitive – Always working toward increasing one’s ability to understand, communicate with, effectively interact and care for people across cultures, while having an acute awareness of one’s own culture.


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