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Multnomah County Health Department


May 7, 2024



We seek leaders, achievers and doers who bring skill and passion to a challenging and evolving environment.  At the Multnomah County Health Department we are all inspired by the mission: We work with communities to advance health equity, protect the most vulnerable, and prompt health and wellness for everyone and we uphold the values: Compassion and Care, Empowerment, Racial Equity, Creativity and Integrity. We create a culture of respect, trust and understanding for the highly diverse population we serve in our communities. We’re seeking a visionary and dynamic leader who is creative in problem solving and contributes new ideas and solutions to the organization to join our team in Integrated Clinical Services 

An Integrated Clinical Services (ICS) Dental Hygienist provides direct periodontal and dental hygiene treatment and education in oral health maintenance and disease prevention to dental clinic patients and the community. The dental hygienist is an integral member of the dental program and participates in many aspects of clinical operations, including disease control, prevention, sterilization, as well as infection control, scheduling, evaluating and improving workflows, among other duties. Creates a work culture of respect, trust and understanding for the highly diverse populations the Health Department serves in the office and in the community. Every employee shares the responsibility for promptly bringing to the County's attention conduct that interferes with providing a work environment free of illegal discrimination and harassment.

*As a newly hired Dental Hygienist, you will receive a one-time New Hire Recruitment and Retention Incentive payment of $1,500 on your first paycheck. The incentive will be prorated based on the position's FTE status.

**We are filling 3 positions with this recruitment, schedule is as below-

1) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at East County Health Center, 

2) Monday to Thursday at Southeast Health Center.

3) Thursday at Northeast Health Center, and Friday & Saturday at Mid County Health Center.

As the Registered Dental Hygienist, other duties will include:

Clinical Functions

Provide clinical dental hygiene services, including prophylaxis, debridement, scaling and root planing, complete periodontal charting and periodontal treatment, as well as administer topical and local anesthetic, expose and mount dental radiographs, place dental sealants, apply fluoride varnish, evaluate and record blood pressure, review and sign paper medical history and proper chart documentation. 

Address dental anxiety according to patients’ needs including but not limited to the administration of nitrous oxide when appropriate. 

Educate patients on preventive dental actions that improve dental and overall health of patient, to include practical and physical demonstration of best brushing and cleaning methods, new techniques or products that help for better cleaning and maintenance of teeth and mouth health, and provide written materials as an avenue to reinforce best oral health techniques. 

Demonstrate and teach oral hygiene methods and develop individual prevention plan for each client that considers the patient’s physical, mental and emotional skills and/or limitations. 

Prescribe fluoride and antimicrobial solutions. 

Provide triage for emergencies to improve patient flow and respond to emergency situations of patients in clinic or presenting for services. 

Consult with dentists for patient care and complex medical history or in-person needs. Consult for referrals for specialized care or services beyond those provided in clinics or at another County location. 

Coordinate with Dental Scheduler on needed treatment and scheduling of appointment(s), etc. Dental hygienists may provide guidance to dental/hygiene students. 

Infection Control/Safety

Oversee, maintain, and support strict asepsis controls to prevent transmission of communicable diseases before/during/after patient care according to county safety standards and protocols; maintain strict control over the disposal of toxic materials. 

To have ample equipment available for patient care, hygienists are expected to work in central sterilization, including processing and sterilizing instruments for all providers, according to the dental protocol for instrument sterilization. 

Complete dental/periodontal charting in a timely manner. 

Maintain a safe workplace according to county safety and health protocols (training to be provided). 

All employees will incorporate safe work practices with each task performed and actively participate in initiatives designed to promote a safe work environment.


Meet productivity goals to maintain patient access and the fiscal sustainability of the dental program, and monitor work accordingly. 

Plan patient care processes, time for education and answering of patient questions, charting and other documentation requirements, confer with dentists and other team members for needed patient follow-up or unusual situations, and other team functions as needed. 

Track and report on patient and service demographics, participate in team or committee meetings for service planning, improvements or changes needed to provide dental services based on changing demand, culture, etc.

Diversity and Inclusion: At Multnomah County, we don't just accept difference; we value it and support it to create a culture of dignity and respect for our employees. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. As a Health Department employee you will create a work culture of respect, trust and understanding for the highly diverse populations the Health Department serves in the office and in the community. Every employee shares the responsibility for promptly bringing to the County's attention conduct that interferes with providing a work environment free of illegal discrimination and harassment.


We will consider any combination of relevant work experience, volunteering, education, and transferable skills as qualifying unless an item or section is labeled required. Please be clear and specific about how your background is relevant. For details about how we typically screen applications, review our overview of the selection process page.

Minimum Qualifications/Transferable Skills*:

Any combination of experience and training that would likely provide the knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be as noted below. All non-traditional education, training and experience will be evaluated.


Equivalent to an Associate’s Degree AND, 

One (1) to four (4) years of experience that demonstrates the ability to perform the duties 


Dental Hygiene license issued by the State of Oregon BLS CPR Certification (Please attach a copy to your applicant materials)

BLS CPR Certification (Please attach a copy to your applicant materials)

Nitrous oxide permit - must be obtained within 1 year of hire, then maintained throughout the duration of employment

Preferred Qualifications/ Transferable Skills*: You do not need to have the following preferred qualifications/ transferable skills to qualify. However, keep in mind we may consider some or all of the following when identifying the most qualified candidates. Please clearly explain on your application how you meet any of the following preferred qualifications/transferable skills.

Preferred: Dental Hygiene Expanded practice permit

*Transferable skills: Your transferable skills are any skills you have gained through education, work experience (including the military) or life experience that are relevant for this position. Be sure to describe any transferable skills on your application and clearly explain how they apply to this position.



The Application Packet: You must submit all requested items below. Failure to do so will be deemed as an incomplete application.

1. Attach a Resume demonstrating you meeting minimum qualifications; AND

2. Attach a Cover Letter addressing the following: 

Demonstrate your experience working with diverse vulnerable populations; and

How you meet the qualifications for this position; and 

Attach a Cover Letter that expands on your resume, addressing why you are interested in this position and demonstrating how your experience and skill set align with the minimum and preferred qualifications listed.

Note: The application, resume and cover letter should clearly demonstrate your work experience/skills and how they relate to the descriptions provided in the ‘Overview’ and ‘To Qualify’ sections of the job announcement. Please be thorough, as these materials will be scored and determine your eligibility to advance in this recruitment process. 

Please be mindful of checking your email inbox for messages upon submitting your application. You may be emailed requesting for additional items from the Recruiter or hiring manager. If a response is not received in a timely manner your application may not be considered. 

The Selection Process: For details about how we typically screen applications, review our overview of the selection process page. We expect to evaluate candidates for this recruitment as follows:

Initial review of application/ resume and cover letter for minimum qualifications and all required attachments. If you do not address the minimum qualifications in the application, your application will be considered incomplete and will not move forward in the recruitment process.

Phone screen

Supplemental Questionnaire

Oral exam

Consideration of top candidates

Background, reference, and education checks

Multnomah County offers an exceptional benefits package, including employer-funded retirement savings; health and dental insurance at very low cost to full-time employees and their dependents; paid parental leave; wellness programs; a focus on work-life balance; and much more. Find more details on our benefits website. 

Our Commitment to Safety, Trust and Belonging: Multnomah County is committed to developing, nurturing and continually improving workforce equity by identifying and addressing the structural and policy barriers to equal employment opportunity faced by our employees and communities. County employees across the organization have stepped forward to develop a strategic plan and help create a workplace where everyone can reach their full potential. Learn more by reading our Workforce Equity Strategic Plan and exploring our Core Competencies for all County employees.

Salary/Pay: Please be advised that the pay range listed for this position is intended to provide general guidance on the earning potential for the role. However, actual compensation will be determined in accordance with the Oregon Equal Pay Law and will take into account factors such as the candidate's relevant experience and education. Candidates should expect that initial offers will be made within the listed pay range and may not be at or near the top of the range.

Serving the Public, Even During Disasters

Everyday, Multnomah County staff work together to serve as a safety net for our communities. During a disaster, this safety net becomes even more critical. All County employees have a role in serving the public during inclement weather, natural disaster, or other types of community emergency response. During these emergency responses, while typically there begins with a call for volunteers, county employees may ultimately be reassigned from their current position to a role in the emergency response in order to support the critical needs presented by our communities. For more information, please visit the Disaster Service Worker Information page.  


Desired Start Date

$42.58 - $52.42 Hourly with a $1,500 Hiring Incentive

Dental Hygienist

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