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How competitive is the application process?

The application process is very competitive; only a limited number of scholars will be accepted into Cohort 13. When completing the application form, submit a strong application by providing robust answers to the questions and narrative statement. It is also important that your letter of support from your Executive Director/CEO is detailed and personalized. That letter must:

  • Describe the qualities of the applicant that make them appropriate for the program.

  • Describe the nature of the applicant’s leadership position and their role in the leadership structure of the organization.

  • Describe executive’s expectations of the benefits of the program to the organization.

  • Express explicit commitment to allow the applicant the time for travel and completion of the didactic portions of the program and the financial support for the travel.

Is there a paper version of the application or do I need to apply online?

The online application form is the only way to apply to the program (paper applications are not offered).

I'm interested in applying to NOHLI, but I do not meet all of the eligibility requirements. Could I still apply?

Only dentists or dental hygienists in a leadership position for five years or less at a Health Center/safety-net clinic oral health program, that are also organizational members of NNOHA, are eligible to apply.

I’m a Dental Supervisor (and a Registered Dental Assistant) at a FQHC. Am I eligible to apply even though I’m not a dentist or dental hygienist?

For Cohort 13, only dentists or dental hygienists in a leadership position for five years or less at a Health Center/safety-net clinic oral health program, that are also organizational members of NNOHA, are eligible to apply.

I'm not a current organizational member of NNOHA. How do I join?

To join NNOHA as an organizational member, visit:

How do I verify that my organizational membership with NNOHA is current?

To check on your membership status, contact or call the NNOHA office at 303-957-0635 x1.

I'm a current individual member of NNOHA. Am I eligible to apply to NOHLI?

In order to apply to NOHLI, you would need to upgrade your membership from individual to organizational. For more information, visit:, contact, or call the NNOHA office at 303-957-0635 x1.

My schedule does not allow me to apply to NOHLI; I'm hoping to apply next year instead. In the meantime, are there other leadership resources for new oral health leaders available through NNOHA?

Yes, please explore NNOHA’s Operations Manual for Health Center Oral Health Programs. This Manual includes chapters on: Health Center Fundamentals, Leadership, Financials, Risk Management, Workforce & Staffing, and Quality. Also, join us at our annual NNOHA Conference to attend leadership, practice management, and clinical sessions, as well as to network with other Health Center and safety-net oral health leaders.

“The NOHLI program was the perfect enhancement to my professional development as a dental director of a health center. The resources that are uncovered, the mentors who make themselves available for coaching, and the support that the cohort provides makes this an invaluable program for today’s leaders.”

-Sarah Rose Usher, DMD, MPH, NOHLI Cohort 6

Rosswell, NM


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Frequently Asked Questions

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