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There are many partners and allies you can work with to leverage resources and expertise, toward a shared goal of increased oral health access.

Oral Health and Chronic Disease Management for Older Adults

Older adults may experience chronic diseases that have impacts to oral health including diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and cognitive disorders. This publication highlights promising practices from health centers that have implemented programs to support oral health integration to improve chronic disease outcomes. This document was created in partnership with the National Center for Equitable Care for Elders.

Academic and Health Center Partnerships Flyer for Dental Training Programs

One-page flyer to share with dental academic programs to help establish partnerships with health centers.

Partnering with Academic Institutions to Develop Service Learning Programs

This publication updates NNOHA's previous white paper on academic partnerships. Partnerships between academic institutions and community health centers can be a useful strategy to enhance the recruitment and retention of oral health professionals. This publication includes strategies, recommendations, and promising practices from community health centers across the country.

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) in Oral Health Care: A Step Towards Health Equity for Older Adults

NNOHA and the National Center for Equitable Care for Elders developed this publication on how to acknowledge and address SDOHs in oral health care for older adults.

A Compendium of Veteran Oral Health Best, Promising, and Emerging Practice Approaches

NNOHA partnered with the American Institute for Dental Public Health to collect current practices to increase access to oral health care for veterans. This guide describes strategies to engage and serve veterans in the community for oral health care.

Webinar: Partnering with Academic Institutions and Residency Programs to Develop Service Learning Programs

Collaboration between Health Centers and academic institutions can be a win-win, creating increased access to oral health care for patients and providing enhanced clinical experience for learners. This presentation, given on June 29, 2015, provides information on how Health Centers can partner with academic institutions or residency programs to offer service learning programs at Health Centers and thereby foster interest in Health Center careers among the next generation of oral health professionals. This webinar also explores different collaboration models and describe key issues for Health Centers to consider when deciding whether to launch such a program.

A VIBRANT Approach to Early Childhood Caries in Migrant Children

In this promising practice, Finger Lakes Community Health developed and successfully implemented an innovative multifaceted program to ensure preschool, low income children of migrant and seasonal farmworkers have the ability to establish and maintain a dental home.

An Early Intervention Approach to Early Childhood Caries Prevention

This promising practice describes a pilot project that was undertaken to prevent Early Childhood Caries through early intervention at WIC appointments.

Dental Careers in Health Centers – Presentation Template

This PowerPoint template was developed for individuals who may have opportunities to present on dental careers in Health Centers at dental schools, local meetings, or other venues.

Dental Director Learning Network

In this promising practice, a Learning Network convenes Community Health Center Dental Directors quarterly to discuss strategies for improving the oral health of their patients with an emphasis on prevention and dental/medical collaboration.

Dental Student Orientation Materials

The two sets of PowerPoint slides and an orientation narrative provided for use by Health Centers and other safety-net clinics as part of an orientation process for students who are beginning a clinical affiliation. Attachments are intended to be modified and customized to your health center.

Establishing a Dental Clinic in a Hospital Emergency Department

This promising practice highlights Franklin County Health Center. They created a dental clinic in a hospital emergency department as a strategy for emergency room diversion.

Health Centers and Hospital Based Dentistry

This white paper discusses options for providing oral health services for people with complex medical, physical, and psychological conditions and pre-cooperative children, including the development a hospital-based dental surgery program.

Hospital-Based Early Childhood Caries Intervention

This promising practice describes the Children’s Hospital Boston and St. Joseph Hospital’s clinical protocol, implemented to manage early childhood caries in children younger than 60 months of age using a chronic disease management approach.

How Can a Dental Hygienist Improve Access and Productivity in Your Community Health Center?

This resource, created in partnership with the American Dental Hygiene Association, outlines the various functions and roles that dental hygienists can play in Community Health Centers.

Increasing Access to Dental Care through Public Private Partnerships: Contracting Between Private Dentists and Federally Qualified Health Centers – an FQHC Handbook

This handbook by CDHP provides background on how contracting works, includes a model contract, and offers step-by-step options for implementation.

Medicaid/SCHIP Dental Association

MSDA is the national organization representing state Medicaid and CHIP dental programs.

National Association of Community Health Centers

NACHC works with a network of state health center and primary care organizations to serve health centers through advocacy, education, training and partnership building.

Strategies to Improve Collaboration Between State Oral Health Programs and Health Center Oral Health Programs

This Issue Brief is intended to help state and territorial oral health programs, Health Centers, funders, policy makers, and other stakeholders recognize and support opportunities for collaboration between SOHPs and Health Centers.

Strengthen Safety-Net Oral Health Programs through State Oral Health Program and Primary Care Association Collaboration

In this promising practice, the Iowa Primary Care Association and the Iowa Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Oral and Health Delivery System collaborated to provide training and technical assistance to safety net clinic dental programs and increase capacity at the PCA and member organizations to provide high-quality, accessible oral health services.

WIC Dental Days of San Luis Obispo County

This promising practice, WIC Dental Days of San Luis Obispo County, is an Early Childhood Caries prevention program focusing on improving the pivotal socio-ecological factors responsible for the development of ECC by increasing risk assessment, parental counseling, behavior modification and goal setting, preventive dental services and case management.

Webinar: Contracting with Private Practice Dentists: Partnerships for Access

This webinar provides an overview of contracting practice, discusses the parameters to be negotiated, shares examples of contracts and highlights successes and challenges from the actual FQHCs.

Webinar: Emergency Preparedness 101 for Health Center Dental Providers

This webinar provides information of personal and professional crisis planning and response and the roles and responsibilities that exist for Health Center dentists during a crisis response.

Webinar: Fundraising and Development 101 for Health Centers and Safety-Net Clinics

Co-sponsored by NNOHA and the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH), this webinar discusses the basic key fundraising terms and the difference between fundraising and development, the type of fund development plan you need to accomplish your goals, and specific fundraising ideas you can implement at your organization. This webinar recording is applicable to both rural and urban organizations. Please note that due to technical difficulties, the first few minutes of the webinar were not captured in the recording.

Expanding Scope- The Swedish Community Specialty Clinic

This promising practice describes how Swedish Community Specialty Clinic, working in conjunction with community partners, provides complex oral surgery procedures that safety net clinics are unable to provide for their non-insured and/or low-income patients.



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