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Spreadsheet - Value of Employee Benefits (D4 Practice Solutions)

D4 Practice Solutions created this spreadsheet for health centers to compute the value of employee benefits.

Sample Revenue and Expense Projections (D4 Practice Solutions)

This spreadsheet, created by D4 Practice Solutions, is a sample of revenue and expense projections for a 6-operatory facility.

HRSA Dental Services Requirements by Level

Understanding the specific procedures that should and shouldn't be on Form 5A can be complex. This spreadsheet has a breakdown of every CDT code as of 2020, along with the specific definitions, pulled from the HRSA Compliance Manual for each Service Level. This spreadsheet should be used as a guide when creating your Sliding Fee Scale and its categories as well as how to define what is on your Health Centers Form 5A.

Good Faith Estimates: Making a Good Faith Effort

Live Webinar 1/20/22

Beginning January 2022, health care facilities and providers must give their patients upfront information on the costs of their services ahead of time. This is the Good Faith Estimates resolution as part of the No Surprises Act. This new resolution has important implications for community health centers. This webinar will provide an overview of good faith estimates for dental programs and describe strategies to be in compliance with this new resolution.

Payment Innovation and Health Center Dental Programs: Case Studies from Three States

This publication describes alternative payment models in health centers (published in 2018).

Fundraising and Development 101 for Health Centers and Safety-Net Clinics

Co-sponsored by NNOHA and the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH), this webinar discusses the basic key fundraising terms and the difference between fundraising and development, the type of fund development plan you need to accomplish your goals, and specific fundraising ideas you can implement at your organization. This webinar recording is applicable to both rural and urban organizations. Please note that due to technical difficulties, the first few minutes of the webinar were not captured in the recording.

Compensation Analysis Worksheets

These forms, developed by Janet Bozzone, DMD, MPH, are used to demonstrate the total salary of employees including the monetary amount of their benefits. To use the tool, input the amounts in the red areas. The worksheet will auto-calculate the rest.

Efficient Scheduling

This promising practice provides an example on how to develop an efficient schedule.

Good Faith Estimates for CHC Dental Programs

This factsheet provides an overview of Good Faith Estimates for CHC dental programs including frequently asked questions and example scenarios.

No-Show Management

This promising practice describes Neighborcare Health’s project to decrease its no-show rate.

No-Show Management Learning Community Call

NNOHA conducted a Learning Community Call on “No-Show Management,” a forum that allows Health Center members of the Strengthening the Oral Health Initiative (SOHSN) to connect with other programs in the initiative to discuss their challenges and promising practices around the topic.

No-Show Policy

This promising practice is a no-show policy that guides the management of dental patients who do not keep appointments or cancel without sufficient notice (defined as less than 24 hours) and maximizes access to care for those patients who are responsible about keeping appointments.

Operations Manual for Health Center Oral Health Programs: Chapter 3 - Financials

This chapter provides a general overview of the Health Center financial structure for oral health programs.

Sliding Fee Discount & Nominal Fees

These slides review the history of the sliding fee discount program in health centers; describe what the nominal fee is; explain the tiered structure of the sliding scale; and describe how costs such as dental laboratory fees can be structured to comply with HRSA regulations.

The Balancing Act: FQHC Dental Program Productivity and Financial Impact

This webinar explores emerging challenges facing Health Center dental programs and discusses how to operate a FQHC dental program in changing environments.

Understanding Reimbursements

This webinar presents an overview of reimbursement processes and shares strategies and tools.

Financial Management Part II for Health Center Oral Health Programs

A follow-up to the first session, “Financial Management of Health Center Oral Health Programs,” this webinar covers several topics more in-depth and answers some frequently asked questions.

Financial Management of Health Center Oral Health Programs

This webinar provides basics of financial management for effectively operating Health Center oral health programs.

Interactive Budget Planning Worksheet

This worksheet in the Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual enables you to analyze and save the analysis of the financial impacts of different decisions, assumptions and costs specific to your situation.



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