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Resources | Promising Practices

Mobile and Portable School-Based Oral Health Programs (ASTDD and AMTA)

This publication provides strategies and recommendations for school-based mobile dental programs, inclusing promising practices and planning checklists.

These Promising Practices highlight programs that Health Centers and safety-net oral health programs have implemented to run more efficient and effective practices.

Promising Practice: Improving Care Coordination and Health Outcomes for Diabetic Patients through Medical and Dental Integration

CommUnityCare in Texas shares how their organization implemented medical and dental integration through NNOHA Integration of Diabetes and Oral Health Learning Collaborative to help improve the health outcomes of patients with diabetes.

Teledentistry during COVID-19 – Promising Practice

This promising practice shares how Petaluma Health Center in California implemented teledentistry to improve access to oral health care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) in Oral Health Care: A Step Towards Health Equity for Older Adults

NNOHA and the National Center for Equitable Care for Elders developed this publication on how to acknowledge and address SDOHs in oral health care for older adults.

National Council for Mental Wellbeing: Oral Health, Mental Health and Substance Use Toolkit

This toolkit shares strategies, promising practices, and resources to support increased coordination for oral health and behavioral health integration.

Promising Practice: Integrating Oral Health and Primary Care for Patients with Diabetes

This promising practice features Horizon Health Care, Inc. in South Dakota. This health center implemented a medical and dental integration program for patients with diabetes while participating in NNOHA's Integration of Diabetes and Oral Health Learning Collaborative.

Promising Practice: Behavioral Health and Oral Health Integration

This promising practice features Community Health Centers of South Central Texas. This organization implemented a behavioral health and oral health integration program where dental providers deliver behavioral health screenings.

Promising Practice: Teledentistry for Substance Use Disorder

This promising practice features Terry Reilly Health Center in Idaho. The health center implemented a teledentistry program for patients experiencing substance use disorder. The publication was originally published in October 2021.

Mobile Dental Units for School-Based Dental Care

This promising practices describe how Gaston Family Health Services implemented a school-based dental program with mobile dental units.

Promising Practice: Implementing a Pediatric Teledentistry Program

This promising practice shares how Finger Lakes Health Center uses teledentistry to increase access to care.

A VIBRANT Approach to Early Childhood Caries in Migrant Children

In this promising practice, Finger Lakes Community Health developed and successfully implemented an innovative multifaceted program to ensure preschool, low income children of migrant and seasonal farmworkers have the ability to establish and maintain a dental home.

Adding Mobile Dental Services to a Pediatrics Clinic

Harbor Health in MA wrote this promising practice to share how they added mobile dental services to help increase access to care for pediatric patients. 

Adding Restorative Care to Health Center Mobile Dental Programs

This promising practice describes several ways to add restorative care to Health Center mobile dental programs.

An Early Intervention Approach to Early Childhood Caries Prevention

This promising practice describes a pilot project that was undertaken to prevent Early Childhood Caries through early intervention at WIC appointments.

Employing Dental Therapists in an FQHC

This promising practice is the story of  West Side Community Health Services employing dental therapists.

Establishing a Dental Clinic in a Hospital Emergency Department

This promising practice highlights Franklin County Health Center. They created a dental clinic in a hospital emergency department as a strategy for emergency room diversion.

Hospital-Based Early Childhood Caries Intervention

This promising practice describes the Children’s Hospital Boston and St. Joseph Hospital’s clinical protocol, implemented to manage early childhood caries in children younger than 60 months of age using a chronic disease management approach.

Implementing Mobile Dental Services in an Elder Care Facility

This promising practice features Harbor Health. Their organization implemented a mobile dental program to increase access to oral health care for people in elder care facilities. 

Increasing Access to Care Through Contracting for Dental Services

This promising practice describes how one health center has approached contracting for dental services and key points to consider.

Increasing Oral Health Access Through Clinic Expansion

This promising practice describes key points and lessons learned when expanding a dental clinic or building a new one through a HRSA expansion grant.

Increasing Oral Health Access Through Process Redesign

This promising practice describes how one health center is improving access to care through a process redesign.

Increasing Oral Health Access Through Teledentistry

This promising practice is the story of Ravenswood’s Virtual Dental Home Project which is part of their strategy to increase access to care in south San Mateo County.

Integrated Pediatric Health Home Project: A Caries Prevention Project for Pediatric Medical / Dental Patients

This promising practice describes how El Rio Community Health Center instituted an integrated, preventive approach to caries prevention utilizing the pediatric medical and dental professional staff, while simultaneously increasing access to care.

Integrating Oral Health into Prenatal Care and Pediatric Care

This promising practice shares how Albany Area Primary Health Care in Georgia implemented a medical and dental integration program in their OBGYN and pediatric clinic.

WIC Dental Days of San Luis Obispo County

This promising practice, WIC Dental Days of San Luis Obispo County, is an Early Childhood Caries prevention program focusing on improving the pivotal socio-ecological factors responsible for the development of ECC by increasing risk assessment, parental counseling, behavior modification and goal setting, preventive dental services and case management.

Expanding Scope- The Swedish Community Specialty Clinic

This promising practice describes how Swedish Community Specialty Clinic, working in conjunction with community partners, provides complex oral surgery procedures that safety net clinics are unable to provide for their non-insured and/or low-income patients.



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