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Resources | Promising Practices

These Promising Practices highlight programs that Health Centers and safety-net oral health programs have implemented to run more efficient and effective practices.

Payment Innovation and Health Center Dental Programs: Case Studies from Three States

This publication describes alternative payment models in health centers (published in 2018).

Promising Practice: Ohio Hills Dental Program Redesign

This promising practice highlights Ohio Hills, an FQHC and how they underwent a dental program redesign. 

Adding Restorative Care to Health Center Mobile Dental Programs

This promising practice describes several ways to add restorative care to Health Center mobile dental programs.

Creative Staffing with Professional Volunteers

The Los Angeles Christian Health Center’s dental clinic was started by volunteer dentists. This promising practice outlines the strategies that were implemented to perpetuate and expand volunteers’ capabilities in the face of cutbacks to the budget for staff dentists.

Dental Director Learning Network

In this promising practice, a Learning Network convenes Community Health Center Dental Directors quarterly to discuss strategies for improving the oral health of their patients with an emphasis on prevention and dental/medical collaboration.

Efficient Scheduling

This promising practice provides an example on how to develop an efficient schedule.

Establishing Dental Treatment Guidelines for Adult Patients with Uncontrolled Hypertension Attending Acute Care

This promising practice describes how Choptank Community Health System established dental treatment guidelines for adult patients with uncontrolled hypertension who were attending acute care.

Integrated Pediatric Health Home Project: A Caries Prevention Project for Pediatric Medical / Dental Patients

This promising practice describes how El Rio Community Health Center instituted an integrated, preventive approach to caries prevention utilizing the pediatric medical and dental professional staff, while simultaneously increasing access to care.

Make Your HC Stand Out- Workforce Recruitment Strategies

This promising practice provides ideas that have been developed to highlight your Health Center and community when recruiting potential dental providers.

No-Show Management

This promising practice describes Neighborcare Health’s project to decrease its no-show rate.

No-Show Policy

This promising practice is a no-show policy that guides the management of dental patients who do not keep appointments or cancel without sufficient notice (defined as less than 24 hours) and maximizes access to care for those patients who are responsible about keeping appointments.

Scheduling to Increase Treatment Plan Completion Rates

In this promising practice, the dental department at Clinica Family Health Services in Denver, CO, describes how they used a quality improvement tool to implement a new scheduling template, with the goal of increasing treatment plan completion rates.

Strengthen Safety-Net Oral Health Programs through State Oral Health Program and Primary Care Association Collaboration

In this promising practice, the Iowa Primary Care Association and the Iowa Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Oral and Health Delivery System collaborated to provide training and technical assistance to safety net clinic dental programs and increase capacity at the PCA and member organizations to provide high-quality, accessible oral health services.

Using the Capabilities of eClinicalWorks (eCW) to Create Patient Centered Care in Dental Programs

In this promising practice, Community Healthcare Network in Brooklyn, NY shares how the dental program uses eCW order sets during the dental visit, which allows for enhanced data collection and coordination of care.

WIC Dental Days of San Luis Obispo County

This promising practice, WIC Dental Days of San Luis Obispo County, is an Early Childhood Caries prevention program focusing on improving the pivotal socio-ecological factors responsible for the development of ECC by increasing risk assessment, parental counseling, behavior modification and goal setting, preventive dental services and case management.

Going Green in Dental

This promising practice describes the “Going Green in Dental” initiative, which aims to increase recycling and create and promote sustainable green practices across dental sites.



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