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NNOHA is the largest group of safety-net oral health practitioners in the country, and our members all share a commitment to increasing access to quality oral health care for underserved populations. NNOHA is committed to providing the highest quality resources and support designed to meet the unique needs of our members and their programs.

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Big Sandy Health Care, Inc.


August 15, 2023



REPORTS TO:  Director of Dental Services

SUPERVISES:   Dental Staff


Responsible for direct delivery of patient care in a variety of settings, primarily dental clinic.  


•Provides direct dental services to patients of the dental clinic including examination, diagnosis, planning and treatment and evaluation of progress with an emphasis on prevention.

•Provides extended care services to patients.

•Keeps accurate records and adequately detailed information to allow: continuity of patient care among providers; quality assurance activities requiring record review; and accurate and truthful coding of diagnosis and services provided.

•Remains cognizant of charges to individual patients/families and potential financial burdens.  Provides support staff with billing information according to agreed upon procedures relative to all billable services including those provided in settings other than the clinic.

•Communicates appropriately with patients and patient families regarding patient’s condition and treatment.

•Keeps regularly scheduled clinic hours and is available to provide patient care at all times during these hours.

•Cooperates in promoting the team concept of health care delivery.

•In collaboration with Director of Dental Services, Medical Director, Chief Executive Officer and other professional staff members, assists in development and periodic updating of any standards of care, principles of practice, standing orders, clinical protocols (including those governing mid-level providers), support staff job descriptions (to delineate responsibilities of each team member), and other medical policies that may be promulgated by BSHC.

•When deemed beneficial to BSHC and mutually agreed upon with other staff, promotes education of dental care within area school settings.

•Assists in the development of training and continuing education opportunities for dental support staff.

•Actively participates in assuring continuing quality control in the delivery of health services to BSHC patients.  Participates in medical record review to maintain quality assurance.

•Assists in health care planning for BSHC.  Maintains familiarity with the corporation’s mission, goals, objectives, polices and protocols or procedures that are relevant to health care and works with the Director of Dental Services, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Executive Officer and professional staff to assure health care objectives are met.

•Actively works to integrate into the local community’s activities, problems, and concerns especially related to dental care.

•Provides input into evaluation of all dental care providers and participates as necessary or as requested in evaluation process for support staff.

•Demonstrates interest in helping the clinic meet its productivity, efficiency, and financial objectives.

•Attends meetings of BSHC staff as appropriate.

•Participates in continuing education programs to maintain licensure and/or upgrade skills.  

•Adheres to the terms and conditions set forth in BSHC’s corporate compliance program.

•Ensures confidential information in accordance with BSHC’s policy and current HIPAA regulations.

•Performs other duties as assigned.


•DMD or DDS from an accredited dental school with a license to practice dentistry in the state of Kentucky.

•Ability to evaluate services, assess needs, and make recommendations regarding quality and efficient work flow patterns.

•Ability to work in a rural setting utilizing available facilities and resources.

•Some knowledge of the operation of a primary care center is desirable.


•Moderate physical activity. 

•Requires handling of average-weight objects up to 25 pounds.  

•Standing and/or walking for more than four (4) hours per day.

•Work is normally performed in an interior medical/clinical environment.  

•Work may also be performed in a mobile dental clinic setting such as the interior of a school or mobile dental van.

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