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Applications are currently closed, but will reopen for NOHLI Cohort 12 in July 2023. 

The NNOHA Oral Health Leadership Institute (NOHLI) can be a foundational and essential building block in your career  development as a leader of an oral health program at a health  center/safety-net clinic. This year-long, in-person and online training  provides core knowledge and competencies that health center/safety-net  oral health leaders need to develop as effective managers, directors,  and advocates for oral health and their communities. NOHLI addresses the  need for training and technical assistance that is specific to oral  health leaders practicing in Federally Qualified Health  Centers/safety-net clinics. The core NOHLI curriculum was developed  from NNOHA’s Operations Manual for Health Center Oral Health Programs.

The 2022-2023 Cohort will be the 11th  year of NOHLI.  Thus far, the program has trained over 174 FQHC dental  directors.  Topics covered include Leadership and Excellence; Health  Center Fundamentals; Workforce and Staffing; Risk Management; Quality;  Public Speaking; Managing Change; Leading a Team; Maximizing your  Strengths as a Leader; Public Health 101;  Financials; Patient-Centered  Health Home; and Innovations in Delivery.  NOHLI also provides  opportunities for scholars to apply these skills using case studies and  group discussions under the direction of outstanding oral health  educators from across the country.

Applicants for the NOHLI program should meet the following requirements:

  • A dentist or dental hygienist in a leadership position  for no less than one (1) year and no more than  five (5) years at a  Health Center/safety-net clinic oral health program. The applicant  should be part of the organization’s leadership team, have  administrative authority as a high level leader of the oral health  program with responsibility to make clinical and operational decisions,  provide staff guidance, affect policy and procedure and in a position to  affect change in the organization or dental department/program as a  whole (i.e. Dental Director or equivalent).

  • Applicant’s health center must be a NNOHA Organizational member.

  • Enough prior experience with the  current or former clinical organization to understand the basic  operational, clinical and cultural environment of the FQHC or broader  safety net system.

  • Sufficient understanding of the  organization and dental clinical department to articulate well defined  and focused personal and organizational goals for their participation in  the program.

  • Demonstrate motivation for improving leadership skills and a commitment to personal and professional growth.

  • Demonstrate administrative support from  the executive officer of the organization for the time and cost  associated with participation in NOHLI by providing a letter of support  from the CEO of the Health Center program.  That letter must:Describe the qualities of the applicant that make them appropriate for the program.
    Describe the nature of the applicant’s leadership position and their role in the leadership structure of the organization.
    Describe the executive’s expectations of the benefits of the program to the organization.
    Express explicit commitment to allow  the applicant the time for travel and completion of the didactic  portions of the program and the financial support for the travel. (All  decisions regarding in-person meetings and travel requirements will be  made at the appropriate time with close monitoring of pandemic  conditions.  If travel/in-person meetings are not deemed safe, virtual  options will be provided)

Additional preference will be given to applicants:

  • Who have previously attended a NNOHA conference or directly participated in a NNOHA sponsored collaborative.

  • Who would be the first person from this organization to attend NOHLI.

Questions about participating? The Frequently Asked Questions page answers many basic questions. For additional inquiries, please email


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NNOHA Oral Health Leadership Institute (NOHLI)

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