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Johnson Health Center


September 25, 2023



The Staff Dentist provides leadership in all areas relating to the dental services at Johnson Health Center’s (JHC) James River Dental Clinic (JRDC) and/or Bedford Dental Clinic (BDC) and/or Atherholt Dental Center (ADC). Responsible for recommending and implementing dental policies and procedures; providing dental services and education to the patients of JRDC and/or BDC and/or ADC; supervising the dental staff; ensuring continuous quality improvement in dental services; representing JHC and JRDC/BDC/ADC at organizations concerned with dentistry services to the underserved; and act as an integral part of the clinical and administrative management team of the health center.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Patient/Customer Relations:

1. Educates patients on dental disease and preventative home care, including brushing and

flossing techniques.

2. Teaches and counsels patients and families in a culturally sensitive manner.

Staff Relations/Team Building:

1. Supervises and provides daily direction to all dental clinic staff conducive to efficient

productivity and to fostering a professional and pleasant working environment.

2. Assists in the provision of continuing education, on-the-job training, and the orientation of

new staff as needed.

3. Articulate thoughts and ideas, including suggestions for change, in a non-threatening manner.

4. Develop excellent working relationships with JHC staff and community partners.

5. Work with supervisor and other staff in a positive and professional manner. Provide

constructive feedback and communicate accurate information.

6. Lead department meetings with staff.

7. Meet with supervisor as requested to discuss any clinical or administrative concerns.

8. Demonstrate reliability by reporting to work on time, keeping the assigned schedule and

keeping supervisor informed of any changes to the schedule.

9. Dress appropriately and professionally for the position.

Clinical Duties:

1. Must demonstrate excellent internal and external customer service skills and work well

within a team setting.

2. Provides comprehensive and emergency dental care to patients including clinical and

radiographic diagnosis and treatment planning, dental prophylaxis and scaling, application of sealants, limited restorative and endodontic treatment, extractions and limited oral surgery, writing of prescriptions.

3. Records patient-dentist transactions as they occur in the patient’s electronic dental record.

4. Provides education for patients regarding nutrition, oral hygiene, and accident prevention.

5. Develops and directs the Dental Health Care Plan and delivery of services based on input

from the Medical Director, patient demographics, and the epidemiology of the community

(including specific populations), establishing goals, outcomes and strategies for prevention

activities, acute care and chronic disease management.

6. Evaluates effectiveness of Dental Health Care Plan by data collection and reporting of

measurable parameters.

7. Represents the dental clinic in the local community and at the state level (e.g., local clinics, Virginia Department of Health Division of Dentistry, advocacy groups, local agencies, and professional societies) to foster collaborative relationships, partnerships, and strategies to improve access to dental care for all.

8. Physical attendance is an essential element of the job and necessary to perform the essential functions of the Dental Director position.

Safety/Infection Control Activities:

1. Attends all mandatory OSHA infection control seminars, and follows general OSHA

guidelines for infection control, including “Universal Precautions”.

2. Abides by all Johnson Health Center infection control policies, including acute response

measures in the setting of a public health concern or disease outbreak.

Other Functions:

1. Employee will abide by the Code of conduct as documented in the Corporate Compliance Manual.

2. Must demonstrate a personal and professional commitment to Johnson Health Center and its mission.

3. Treats all patients and staff with dignity and respect, mindful of the cultural differences of the diverse population we serve.

4. Management may modify, add or remove any job functions as necessary, or as changing organizational needs require.

5. Represents the dental clinic in the local community and at the state level (e.g., local clinics, Virginia Department of Health Division of Dentistry, advocacy groups, local agencies, and professional societies) to foster collaborative.

JHC Core Values:

Employees must actively demonstrate dedication and commitment to the core values of JHC.

1. Respect – We value and respect each patient, their family, ourselves, and each other. Every individual associated with Johnson Health Center will be treated with dignity and respect. We value and respect people’s differences, show empathy to our patients, their families and each other, and work collectively to build Johnson Health Center as a health center and an employer of choice.

2. Integrity – We are committed to doing the right thing every time. Our actions reflect our commitment to honesty, openness, truthfulness, accuracy and ethical behavior. We are accountable for the decisions we make and the outcome of those decisions.

3. Excellence – We will pursue excellence each and every day in activities that foster, teamwork, quality improvement, patient care, innovation, and efficiencies. At Johnson Health Center, our medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral health, front desk and administrative teams are passionately committed to the highest quality of care for our patients. We continually seek out ways to enhance the patient experience and promote an environment of continuous quality improvement.

4. Innovation – We value creativity, flexibility, and continuous improvement efforts. We are advocates and instruments of positive change, encouraging employees to engage in responsible risk-taking and working to make a difference. Out of the box thinking enables us to build on successes and learn from failures.

5. Teamwork – We understand that teamwork is the essence of our ability to succeed. We work across functional boundaries, embracing diversity, for the good of the organization. 

Reporting Relationships:

The Staff Dentist reports to, is supervised by, and evaluated by the Dental Director.


1. Graduation from an accredited dental school

2. Minimum of five years clinical experience preferred

3. Knowledge of community health principles and practices preferred

4. Administrative, management and budget development experience preferred

5. Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills required

6. Ability to maintain appropriate clinical privileges required

7. Requires a comprehensive knowledge of primary dental care in outpatient settings.

8. Knowledge of the principles and practice of modern dentistry as related to public health

organizations and community health programs as well as current social and economic

problems pertaining to public health and their impact on primary health care.

9. Must be able to creatively work with other health care professionals from a variety of disciplines to achieve maximal productivity and programmatic effectiveness while continuously promoting the growth and development of fellow professionals, exercising appropriate supervisory control and displaying good work judgment.


This is an FLSA Exempt position.

This is an OSHA high risk position.

This is an ADA negotiable position.


This position is a Grade C11. The salary for this position is negotiated between the individual and Human Resources and/or the Chief Executive Officer.


Desired Start Date

starting at $155,000

Staff Dentist

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